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Oxnard ranks high for diversified economy
Oxnard was ranked among the Top 10 cities having the most diversified economies on a website that regularly publishes such lists.........[MORE]
Source:  Ventura County Star
Americans Seen Getting Spending Groove Back in 2015: Economy
A strengthening labor market and lower gasoline prices mean Americans have extra cash for the holidays. Some economists are forecasting the money will keep flowing into, and out of, consumers...[MORE]
by  By Victoria Stilwell
Source:  Bloomberg
The Future Of Agriculture? Indoor Farms Powered By LEDs
A warehouse full of lettuce might not be the first place you would expect to find the next Industrial Revolution. But follow the LED lights and you...[MORE]
by  GE Reports
Industrial Development Bonds
Congress created tax-exempt Industrial Development Bond (...[MORE]
by  State of California
Source:  Ca Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank
California Business Incentives
The State of California has several programs, opportunities and business friendly policies for companies interested in establishing a California operation. California Alternative Energy & Advanced Transportation Authority (CAEATFA) Sales & Use Tax Exemptions for Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Manufacturing: Purpose is to provide industry in California with different methods of financing alternative energy and advanced transportation technologies. Since the passage of SB71, in April of 2010, the program has been expanded to all renewable energy technologies. More information available at: http://www.treasurer.ca.gov/caeatfa/sb71/index.asp Employment Training Panel (ETP) A company may be eligible for a contract with ETP to help assist with post-hire training reimbursement. If the proposed training qualifies and meets ETP
by  GO-Biz
Source:  Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development


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